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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a signed and/or dedicated book?

Contact bookshop Storytellers Inc if you're interested in ordering a signed and/or dedicated book.

What’s the best reading order for the Sophie and Lil books?

  1. The Sinclair’s Mysteries: The Clockwork Sparrow

  2. ‘The Mystery of the Purloined Pearls’ (short story in the anthology Mystery & Mayhem)

  3. The Sinclair’s Mysteries: The Jewelled Moth

  4. The Sinclair’s Mysteries: The Painted Dragon

  5. The Sinclair’s Mysteries: The Midnight Peacock

  6. Taylor & Rose Secret Agents: Secrets on the Shore (mini adventure)

  7. Taylor & Rose Secret Agents: Peril in Paris

  8. Taylor & Rose Secret Agents: Spies in St Petersburg

  9. Taylor & Rose Secret Agents: Villains in Venice

  10. Taylor & Rose Secret Agents: Nightfall in New York

Will there be any more books about Sophie and Lil after the Taylor & Rose Secret Agents series? What about mini-adventures or short stories?

At the moment, I don't have any plans to write any more stories about Sophie and Lil - but never say never!

Is Secrets on the Shore going to become available as a printed book?

Currently there are no plans for Secrets on the Shore to be available as a printed book, though I’d love to see it in print one day.

Can I listen to audiobooks of the Sinclair's Mysteries and Taylor & Rose Secret Agents?

Yes! All of the books are available in audio format, narrated by Jessica Preddy. The only exception is Secrets on the Shore which is not currently available in audio format.

Where are the Sinclair's Mysteries and Taylor & Rose Secret Agents currently published?

In addition to the UK editions, some or all of the books are currently being published in the USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

Will there be a TV show or film of the books?

I’d love there to be a TV show or film of the books! You’ll have to cross your fingers and watch this space to see if it may happen in the future.

I want to dress up as Sophie, Lil or one of the other characters. What can I do?

There are some tips on dressing up as the characters here. You might also like to read this post about Edwardian fashion for some ideas.

What are your top writing tips?

Here's three of my top tips for writing - plus check out this post for some advice on researching historical fiction or watch this video for my advice on how to write a mystery.


Can you come and visit my school?

I currently do only a limited number of school visits each term: if your school is interested, a teacher or librarian can contact me (see details here) to discuss a booking. Virtual sessions are available as well as in-person events.

When can I meet you at a book festival or another event?

Check out my events listing for what's coming up next - and be sure to subscribe to my quarterly e-newsletter to stay up to date with all the details of future events!

Can I write to you?

Of course! I’d love to hear from you. You can send me a letter or an email — my contact details are here.

Illustration © Julia Sarda

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