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Audiobook read by Jessica Preddy

Also available in:

Poland, Russia, USA

The Midnight Peacock

You are cordially invited to Mr Sinclair’s Midnight Peacock Ball!

The festive season has come to Sinclair’s and Sophie and Lil are spending the holidays at snowy Winter Hall. But it soon turns out that this is no ordinary house party. As SINISTER SECRETS come to light, our INTREPID HEROINES find themselves faced with a more BAFFLING MYSTERY than ever before!

With the help of their friends, can they uncover the truth in time to foil a truly DIABOLICAL PLOT? Or will Mr Sinclair’s New Year’s Eve Midnight Peacock Ball spell DISASTER for the dauntless young detectives? Prepare for shocks and surprises in the thrilling conclusion to the Sinclair’s Mysteries!

The fourth book in the Sinclair's Mysteries series, selected as a Pick of the Year by the FCBG Children’s Book Award

Cover and interior illustrations by Karl James Mountford

‘Katherine Woodfine brings her tautly plotted Edwardian series... to a stylish conclusion, in a book filled with deft characterisation and delectable period detail’ – Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

★★★★★ ‘…a stirring tale of courage, resourcefulness and determination. Readers will feel the urge to stand up and cheer for Sophie, Lil and their friends at the terrifying climax to this adventure: it is heart-in-your-mouth, how-can-they-possibly-succeed drama of the highest order. Seriously – don’t miss it!’ – The Bookbag

‘Adventurous, imaginative and full of fun, it’s the perfect end to this brilliant series’ – Katy Birchall, Country Life

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Create a mask for attending Mr Sinclair's grand New Year's Eve Ball

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