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Dress up as a historical heroine

Updated: Apr 4

Looking for some quick and easy dressing up ideas for World Book Day?

You might already have spotted my tips for dressing as Sophie, Lil or one of the other characters from the Sinclair's Mysteries or Taylor and Rose Secret Agents series. This time, to celebrate the publication of Lottie the Little Wonder, I thought I'd share some easy ideas for dressing as Lottie or one of the other historical heroines from my Little Gems books - perfect if you need a last-minute costume for World Book Day or any other fancy-dress occasion. And as a bonus, you'll be all ready to celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month, too!

My little helper dressed up in some outfits we put together from bits and pieces we found in her wardrobe, or around the house. Here's a few ideas if you'd like to come up with something similar!

For Lottie from Lottie the Little Wonder illustrated by Ella Okstad

We used a white school t-shirt and a white skirt, but you could use any white skirt and top, or alternatively a white dress. Pair with black tights and black shoes or boots. If you have one, a white cap would complete the outfit to perfection!

Accessorize with a tennis racket, a tennis ball, or perhaps even a shiny trophy. (I couldn't find a tennis racket, but thought this old squash racket made a perfectly reasonable substitute!)

For Elisabeth from Elisabeth and the Box of Colours illustrated by Rebecca Cobb

We started with a long, brightly-coloured dress, but you could also wear a colourful skirt and top. We added a frilly white petticoat underneath, tights and black shoes. Wear a bright bow around your hair.

The most important part of this costume is of course, the art materials. We used a paint palette with lots of colourful paint, and some brushes, but as an alternative you could bring along a box of coloured crayons. A paint-smeared apron might also be a fun addition.

For Sophie from Sophie Takes to the Sky illustrated by Briony May Smith

We started with a yellow dress, but you could also wear a skirt and top. Tie a pink ribbon or scarf around your waist as a sash, and tie your hair back with a bow.

We accessorised with a balloon, as a nod to the hot-air balloon that sweeps Sophie up into the clouds - but as an alternative, maybe you could carry a few snacks tied up in a checked cloth, just as Sophie carries her lunch in the story?

For Rose from Rose's Dress of Dreams illustrated by Kate Pankhurst

My model was running out of steam at this point in our fashion shoot, so I don't have a picture here, but for this costume, you could start with a striped dress or skirt and top (ideally red and white, but any stripe would do!) Add a red ribbon or scarf to tie around your waist as a sash, and a red bow/ribbon for your hair.

To finish off, why not bring along a few sewing supplies - some scissors, a pin cushion, or some cotton reels, maybe carried in a sewing box or basket?

If you try one of these ideas, make sure you tag me in any photos you share online - I'd love to see how your costumes turn out!


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